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Yoga Swing FH

The benefits of aero yoga are multiple since one works of a totally different form and therefore major number of muscles are exercised that in the soil.

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  • To improve the position(attitude)
  • To diminish the pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • To reduce the pressure on the discs in the base of the vertebral column and of the neck
  • To help to re-align the vertebral column
  • To improve the lymphatic system
  • To increase the flexibility
  • To relieve the pressure on the internal organs
  • To improve the blood stream and to increase the levels of oxygen in the brain.
Characteristics of the swing yoga:
  • Fabric of nylon (I am used parachute)
  • 2 hooks of fixation(fixing)
  • 2x3 close(united) adjustable stirrups and with protection in foam for hands and feet
  • 2 tapes of fixation(fixing) with knots of 144 cm allowing different possible positions
  • 1 bag(stock exchange) that the united one allows to guard everything

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