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What's new in home fitness equipment | Fitness House

  • FH Dumbbell Kit

    Kit de mancuernas Fh (20 kg)

    Fitness house dumbbell kit for weight training at home. Easy to assemble and transport thanks to its carrying case.

    119,00 €
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  • Hexagonal dumbbell set

    Juego de mancuernas hexagonales FH

    This practical set of hexagonal dumbbells is the ideal accessory for exercising at home. Thanks to its versatility, it adapts perfectly to any fitness training plan.

    99,00 €
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  • Adjustable dumbbell holder

    Soporte Mancuernas ajustables

    Adjustable stainless steel adjustable dumbbell holder. Designed specifically for the adjustable dumbbell set. Conveniently and easily leaves the weights on the weight stand for greater weight set performance. With a stabilizing base with four non-slip support points. Fully adjustable, to ensure maximum comfort, and have them in a safe place.

    159,00 €
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  • FH curved treadmill

    Cinta de correr mécanica FH

    The curved treadmill provides us with a specific running form, where we can exercise the pulling or pushing action, adding to the normal performance of conventional treadmills. 

    799,00 €
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  • Air Rower Rowing Machine

    Máquina de remo Air Rower

    With the Rower rowing machine, you can exercise all the muscles in your body. Change the resistance from level 1 to 10, progressively, for both beginners and advanced exercisers. 

    649,00 €
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  • Wooden Rowing Machine CF

    Máquina de remo madera Fitness house

    With a combination of very elegant design and at the same time with a high functionality and durability. Equipped with water resistance rowing, which will provide you with a very uniform and respectful movement with your joints. Adjusts the water resistance up to 5 levels of strength. 

    699,00 €
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  • Fitness Rowing+ Machine

    Máquina de remo Fitness Rowing+

    Get the real feel of rowing with the Fitness Rowing+'s hydraulic resistance. Its Dual Chamber Reservoir system and adjustable resistance will make it feel like you're rowing across the water.

    999,00 €
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  • FH Weight Bench

    Banco de musculación FH

    With the Fitness house weight bench, you will be able to work abs, pecs and shoulders, with its carbon steel structure and PU coated padding, comfort is assured.

    149,00 €
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