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Strenght machine Eco-HG029

Strenght machine Eco-HG029

The Eco-HG029 is a high quality multifunctional training station that allows for engaging the whole body into workout. It challenges chest muscles with the independent motion press arm/vertical butterfly and strains the biceps to the maximum with the adjustable preacher curl bicep pad. 

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The Eco-HG029 multi-stationwith bank account with the following Add-ons included to to train almost all muscle groups at home:

      • Pulley top for triceps exercises and dorsal.
      • Lower pulley multifunction for exercises for biceps, deltoids, buttocks, dorsal, abductors, adductors and trapezoids.
      • Quadriceps extension.
      • Bench Press: For development of the pectoral, from the shoulders, anterior deltoids.
      • Butterfly: For working the chest, precisely between the two pectoral definition.
      • High pulley: For the development of arms, back and breastplates.
      • Military press: for the development of the shoulders, to strengthen the deltoids and the trapezoids. 


It has a superamplio backup with an optimal alignment of the body that allows you to work effectively with the weight of the abdominal muscles. The foams of support are very dense and ensure comfort and stability during exercise.


      • Weight (Total 45Kgs) to be able to exercise since the first day.
      • Steel reinforced chassis.
      • Load integral fairing.
      • Antibacterial upholstery.
      • Forwarding with steel bearings pulley transmission.
      • Possibilitymake lots of different exercises.
      • Structure and comfort: steel chassis construction.
      • A device with system of pulley and cable fluent, very good finish, offering a load suitable for all users.
      • The mounted Bank measures: 220 x 110 x 198 cm


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