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Exercise equipment to strengthen your back | Fitness House specialists of the sport at home

  • Balance Power

    Balance Power - Fitness House

    Balance Power ® High quality abdominal exerciser,Combines cardio and core strength training, Ergonomically designed for superior comfort.

    99,00 €
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  • Massage table

    Massage table - Fitness House

    Massage Fitness House Bed. Buy this massage table at Fitness House, specialists of the sport at home, with CE certificate.

    149,00 €
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  • Inversion table FH

    Inversion table FH

    The inversion table is a convenient and enjoyable way to improve blood circulation & posture. The table can also increase mental alertness and energy levels along with improving body flexibility.

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  • Inversion table Gelusa

    Table investment Gelusa - Fitness House

    Inversion therapy is a method of treating back pain by diminishing the influence of gravity, reducing the compression of the vertebrae and discs and allowing the supporting muscles and ligaments of the spine to relax. 

    199,00 €
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  • Inversion table Contact

    Investment Contact table - Fitness House

    Inversion Table Contact. Therapeutic training for spine and back muscles. Variable footrests mean the unit can be adjusted to suit your body size. Easy folding for compact storage.

    499,00 €
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  • Rowing Machine DC

    Rowing machine DC - Fitness House

    Rowing Machine is a compact and smooth. This is fantastic for an all around muscle workout and features resistance levels, a computer displaying calories, strokes.  

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