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Increases resistance to your coach with Fitness House vests.

  • weighted vest FH

    Vest ballasting FH - Fitness House

    The weighted vest that you wear increases the amount of intensity of your workout through resistance by additional weight while you perform the same exercises. It's all about making the exercises harder to develop pure power, strength and endurance to maximize the benifits of your training!

    69,00 €
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  • Adjustable Weight Neoprene Vest

    Chaleco Neopreno.

    Want to add more intensity to your home or gym workout? The Adjustable Neoprene Weight Vest range could be just what you need to take your fitness regime to the next level. 

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    34,50 €
    69,00 €
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  • 55,00 €
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  • weight vest adjustable 10 kg

    Chaleco Lastrado FH

    Add more resistance to your workout and get results fast with this weighted vest. This sand filled vest is as versatile as it is effective. Suitable for men and women at an amateur and professional level. Adjustable from 0.5 kg to 10 kg.

    119,00 €
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