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Apparatus gymnastics for functional training of the balance at home. Fitness House

  • Air Step

    Air Step - Fitness House

    Disc shaped air cushion to reduce back pain and improve posture when sitting. The Air step can also be used for standing and balancing exercises to help build ankle stength and core stability.

    149,00 €
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  • Air Step with handles

    Air Step - Fitness House

    A great tool for a killer ABS workout, Lower back workout and flip it over to do push ups!

    189,00 €
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  • Balance Board

    Balance Board - Fitness House

    Balance Board Exercise Fitness Improves your balance and build your body shape with this Balance Board.Go to the next level adding some difficulty to any workout and improve your strength, balance, coordination and body posture.

    39,00 €
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  • Cama Elástica Funhop

    Funhop - Fitness House trampoline

    The Funhop trampoline es un functional unit for the the balance in house training. With the trampoline Funhop can exercise of balance at home.

    89,00 €
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  • Trampolín Elástico

    Trampoline elastic - Fitness House

    Elastic trampoline es un functional unit for the training at home of the balance. With elastic trampoline exercise of balance you can make at home and at the professional level.

    599,00 €
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