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  • Cinta de Correr Fytter Runner RU4


    The Treadmill Fytter RU-4 It has a 3-position manual incline, until 2CV engine and a maximum speed of 16 km/h. Furthermore it is foldable for easy storage after each workout.

    499,00 €
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  • Plataforma Power Fitness Eco

    Platform Power Fitness Eco - Fitness House

    The oscillating platform Power Fitness ECO is a great gym machine with which you can exercise your body of convenient and automatic way from home.

    299,00 €
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  • Vibrating platform ECO-510

    Plataforma Fitness Massage

    Compact yet powerful vibrating board is the quick and easy way to tone up at home and with nine incremental vibration speeds and three integrated programs. 

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    199,00 €
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  • Plataforma Deluxe Fitness Plate

    Plataforma Deluxe Fitness Plate

    Plataforma Vibratoria Deluxe Fitness Plate para USO PROFESIONAL. Es una plataforma vibratoria de práctico diseño y gran potencia de movimiento vasculas oscilante, que además incorpora tensores para poder realizar ejercicios de brazos a la vez que ejercitas y defines todo tu cuerpo.

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    899,00 €
    1 099,00 €
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  • Barra Stab Fit

    Bar Stab Fit - Fitness House

    Bar Stab Fit for functional strength training and stability. It works with this unit functional strength and practice sport at home.

    129,00 €
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  • XT Suspension Trainer

    XT Suspension Trainer - Fitness House

    XT Suspension Trainer It is a unit for the functional training in suspension. It exercises the resistance due to the weight of the body, controlling the instability produced by the central pulley. With XT Suspension Trainer trained strength, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and the it get...

    119,00 €
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  • Suspension Trainer Rack

    Suspension Trainer Rack - Fitness House

    Suspension Trainer Rack for anchorage of suspension training systems. Length of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 meters. Made of high resistance steel coated with epoxy paint.

    1 099,00 €
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  • Manoplas boxeo

    Manoplas boxeo

    Mitts boxing Werner manufactured in high quality synthetic leather ideal for your personal training.

    59,00 €
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