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  • BallSet for boxing

    BallSet para Boxeo

    Ball set Boxing Freestanding Speed Ball, whith Adjustable height from 126 to 146cm High tension spring attached with Base Fill Base with Water or Sand

    79,00 €
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  • Tower Kynesis Home FH

    Tower Kynesis Home FH

    Tower Kynesis Home is the perfect universal fitness, systemFits on to any door for a huge variety of exercises.Easy to install, Easy to use Compact, light and portable, so you can use it anywhereEffective training by making use of your own body weight.

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    59,00 €
    89,00 €
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  • PowerBlade. Belt with resistance bands

    PowerBlade. Cinturon con bandas de resistencia.

    Belt with bands resitencia to improve upper and lower limb. Tone, martial arts, etc.

    49,00 €
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  • Wonder Core Six Pack Care

    Wonder Core Six Pack Care

    Six Pack Care Exercise Bench Abdominal and Back Trainer Work out in no time your abs and strengthen your neck and back. Six Pack Care is a new and revolutionary fitness machine specifically for the training of middle, lower and lateral abdominal muscles. With only a few minutes of exercise a day, you can achieve the best results. 

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    69,00 €
    99,00 €
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  • Body Action FH System

    Body Action System

    The revolutionary Body Action FH System is engineered to disperse impact and withstand the toughest punishment.If you long for a beautifully sculpted body, a sense of empowerment, and a lot of fun, you definitely need the Body Action FH System.

    249,00 €
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  • 419,00 €
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  • Woman dumbell Shake Weight

    Shake dumbbell Weight women - Fitness House

    The Dumbbell Shake Weight ® It is a new product on the market of the Fitness home that you will get to make its more slender, firm and toned arms. Shake Weight dumbbell purchase Fitness House for only €39 including postage! 

    39,00 €
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  • Man Dumbell Shake Weight

    Dumbbell Shake Weight men - Fitness House

    Shake Weight ® It is the first product in its class designed to tone and shape your body by means of inertia dynamics. A product that Fitness House you recommended for sports at home.

    49,00 €
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