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New gym equipment to carry out training in suspension that allows you to exercise at home.

  • Barra Stab Fit

    Bar Stab Fit - Fitness House

    Bar Stab Fit for functional strength training and stability. It works with this unit functional strength and practice sport at home.

    129,00 €
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  • Toning Bar

    Toning Bar - Fitness House

    Highly portable, making it great for home and travel based workouts. Perfect for muscle toning, but also can build strength and enhance sports performance.By simply twisting the Fitness Bar, you can instantly increase or decrease resistance.

    39,00 €
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  • Suspension Trainer Rack

    Suspension Trainer Rack - Fitness House

    Suspension Trainer Rack for anchorage of suspension training systems. Length of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 meters. Made of high resistance steel coated with epoxy paint.

    1 099,00 €
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  • Estructura crossfit pared

    Crossfit wall - structure Fitness House

    Structure crossfit wall for functional strength training.

    999,00 €
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  • Jaula Crossfit

    Crossfit - Fitness House cage

    Cage Crossfit for functional strength training. Fitness House, specialists of the sport at home.

    1 499,00 €
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  • FH Suspension Training


    The unique design of Suspension Training System FH  is perfect for users of all levels. It adjusts with every movement so you get the workout you want. 

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    35,00 €
    65,00 €
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