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Fitness and bodybuilding for home appliances | Fitness House specialists of the sport at home

  • Kettlebell de vinilo

    Vinyl kettlebell - Fitness House

    Vinyl kettlebell. Performs Bodybuilding exercises At home. 

    19,00 €
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  • Kettlebell de caucho

    Rubber kettlebell - Fitness House

    Rubber kettlebell with chrome handle. Performs Bodybuilding exercises At home. 

    29,00 €
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  • Kettlebell de competición

    Competition kettlebell - Fitness House

    Competition kettlebell manufactured in steel. Performs Bodybuilding exercises At home.

    59,00 €
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  • Amaya dumbbell stand

    Bowflex SelectTech dumbbell stand

    The Amaya dumbbell stand is a must-have accessory for your  SelectTech dumbbells. Ergonomically designed to protect your lower back, this stand removes the need to bend to pick up heavy weights. The result is zero strain, just muscle gain.

    Reduced price
    49,50 €
    99,00 €
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  • BanK Amaya

    BanK Amaya

    The Amaya Racer Fitness Weight Bench is a must-have addition to any workout space. You can train different exercises at home.

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    149,00 €
    249,00 €
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  • Banco Pesa FH Pro

    FH Pro weight bench - Fitness House

    Banco weightlifting FH Pro account with a new and striking design that it incorporates the Bank and the machine into a single team. Fitness House recommended to train at home, both for beginners and for experts and semi-culturistas .

    199,00 €
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  • Banco Musculación Plano

    Flat weight bench - Fitness House

    Flat weight bench. Weight bench easy to make Sport home. Mala your own home gym with the flat dumbbell bench.

    299,00 €
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  • Strength Machine ECO-DE Fitness

    Multi-station ECO-Fitness - Fitness House

    The "Eco de fitness" is a high quality multifunctional training station that allows for engaging the whole body into workout. It challenges chest muscles with the independent motion press arm/vertical butterfly and strains the biceps to the maximum with the adjustable preacher curl bicep pad. 

    399,00 €
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