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The latest developments in spinning bikes and elliptical bikes for home

  • Elliptical Trainer Eco-820

    Elliptical "Eliptical Trainer" Eco-820

    The elliptical bike ECO-fitness It is ready for a regular household use and thus be able to make training at home saving time.

    349,00 €
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  • Ellíptical Híbrida

    Hybrid Elliptical - Fitness House

    This BIKE / ELLIPTICAL  se puede utilizar como bicicleta elíptica o como bicicleta de spinning. Puedes do it only from spinning (with pedals), or...

    499,00 €
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  • Ellíptical FH_Elipte

    Elipteam Elliptical - Fitness House

    The elliptical FH_ Elipte is one máquina de gimnasia para entrenar en casa con Fitness House, especialistas del deporte en casa.

    649,00 €
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  • Ellíptical FH_Contact

    Elliptical Contact TF - Fitness House

    The elliptical FH_Contact is a machine gym to train at home with Fitness House, specialists of the sport at home.

    799,00 €
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  • Ellíptical FH_ProContact

    Elliptical Contact FH - Fitness House

    The bike elliptical FH_ProContact is one gymnastics for super intensive machine. Elliptical bike suitable for professional use. Its Biomechanics is perfect, offering a perfect elliptical angle without forcing the knees.

    1 199,00 €
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  • Indoor cycling Eco De Trainer Pro 819

    Trainer Pro 819 eco cycle indoor

    A great range of features come as standard with this model including an 22kg flywheel; pedals with standard baskets and shoe.

    399,00 €
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  • Elliptical Fytter Crosser CR10


    This Fytter Crosser CR10 It is a bike elliptical with wheel, front inertia that is perfect for your cardio workout and work your muscle-building. 

    749,00 €
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  • Elliptical Fytter Crosser CR4


    Account with a flywheel inertia of 8 kg and a computer with 6 functions (speed, time, distance, calories, pulse consumption).

    249,00 €
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